Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birth Center Dedication

On Saturday, May 9th PeaceHealth hosted a dedication ceremony for the new Birth Center.

As members of the community, Lane County Friends of the Birth Center's steering committee attended. For most of us, it was the first opportunity to fully appreciate the generosity PeaceHealth has shown in dedicating such a uniquely beautiful space. Mel Pyne, CEO, PeaceHealth Oregon Region was our host. His kind words conveyed a level of commitment in which we feel great confidence and appreciation. The morning was a true celebration of the future Birth Center, all the more special for falling on Mother’s Day weekend. Thank you!

Click here to watch the video online with the option of full-screen viewing.

The following comments were offered during the dedication by Katharine Gallagher on behalf of Lane County Friends of the Birth Center:

Strong and capable mothers are essential to our community. When women thrive, we all prosper. The Birth Center facilitates this connection between individual women and the well being of our community.

Thru respectful, humane partnership, Birth Center midwives, lactation consultants, nurses and support staff nurture and inspire women on their journey to motherhood.

Because so many of us, mothers and fathers, get our start away from the support and generational wisdom found within extended family, the Birth Center becomes our second home before, during and after our babies arrive. We learn early on that its door is always open and it’s just a phone call away, no matter the time, the day or the question at hand.

The Birth Center honors our community every day in every thing it does to cultivate and send strong mothers, empowered fathers and healthy, beautiful babies out into the world.

Friends of the Birth Center, comprised of community members, deeply appreciate Mel Pyne’s leadership and PeaceHealth’s commitment to the Birth Center.

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