Friday, July 16, 2010

Cindy's trip to Haiti

In May, Cindy Hunter, a former midwife with the Birth Center who is now based at Sacred Heart Medical Center, spent a week working at a clinic in Hinche, Haiti.

Seven months past the January 12th earthquake, the situation in Haiti remains dire. Women and families are desperately in need of pre- and post-natal care. During Cindy's visit to Haiti, her group, which consisted of three midwives and four nurses, saw 600 patients in just one week.

Through donations, Lane County Friends of the Birth Center assembled and sent 14 new mother kits with Cindy. These kits included blankets, cloth diapers, vitamins, and other items new mothers and their babies need.

Following are pictures from Cindy's visit. You can see our kits in a few of the photos of women and their babies. There’s also one of young men learning about “cycle beads.” While not ideal, they represent a chance to learn about fertility. About them, Cindy shared:
Once one of the interpreters understood the use of the beads, he began to teach the others... and the next day everyone wanted one for their sister!

Thank you to all of the Birth Center families who donated items for these kits! And, thank you to Cindy for allowing us to be part of her trip to Haiti.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. And thanks for going and helping from those of us who stayed behind!