Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100+ Lane Co. Families Credit Baby Friendly Evidence-Based Breastfeeding Services

Press Release / For Immediate Release

Eugene, OR – January 18, 2011 – Lane County Friends of the Birth Center (LaneCoFBC) is publicizing results from a recent survey conducted during World Breastfeeding Week 2010. More than 100 local women and families describe the positive experiences they consistently have with breastfeeding services at the PeaceHealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center – one of only four Oregon-designated providers of evidence-based care by the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. Demonstrating the connection between evidence-based services and consumer satisfaction, LaneCoFBC intends the survey to encourage all Lane County hospitals to achieve the Baby Friendly designation.

Using the survey, women and families describe the critical role evidence-based breastfeeding services play in supporting mothers and babies to establish and maintain breastfeeding. Powerful personal testimonials are offered throughout. They touch on specific breastfeeding challenges, observations about breastfeeding generally and the value of learning in an environment equipped to support their choice. Having ongoing, drop-in access to lactation experts and the opportunity to regularly connect with other families comes up frequently. 

Baby-Friendly facilities move beyond slogans to ensure all women receive the evidence-based care known to promote and protect breastfeeding. They have codified policies requiring all staff, from nurses’ aides to doctors and midwives, who are in contact with mothers be trained to assess and support initiation. Proper training empowers staff to help mothers and babies resolve common breastfeeding complications before they threaten breastfeeding initiation. Less-common breastfeeding problems are referred to lactation consultants. Women and families learn about breastfeeding during pregnancy, receive 24-hour lactation support and access to on-going, non-emergency expert and peer support during postpartum. Women and families can be confident of quality breastfeeding support when they see the Baby-Friendly seal of approval on hospital or birth center literature.

Consumers are not alone in connecting facility-based practices with breastfeeding outcomes following discharge. Legislators, government agencies, the business community and hospital accreditation bodies have made the same connection and increasingly call for better services as the best route towards realizing the complex, far reaching benefits of breastfeeding. Benefits include better long-term health outcomes for women and children – including reduced rates of childhood obesity – and reduced costs for employers. The following organizations support Baby Friendly care or use its language, reflecting the growing consensus around increasing evidence-based breastfeeding care.

With the release of the survey results, LaneCoFBC adds the voices of women, families and community supporters to encourage local hospitals to become Baby Friendly designated facilities. LaneCoFBC is pleased to put hospital leaders, community organizations and media outlets in touch with local women and families interested in sharing their experience with Baby Friendly care. 


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  1. SHMC going Baby Friendly!

    Friends of the Birth Center received a thank you email from Sacred Heart Medical Center for sending our breastfeeding survey. We were also told that SHMC staff are preparing to submit a letter of intent to the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. An interdisciplinary team of L&D nurses, physicians and administrators is working together.

    SHMC also shared that one hour of protected skin-to-skin time has become standard care and is supported throughout hospital stays. MotherBaby Network recently posted on this:

    We are most pleased and look forward to following SHMC progress toward official Baby Friendly designation.