Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends requests re-evaluation of policy barring women from laboring at birth center at or past 41 wks pregnancy

In its capacity as the consumer advisory group to the PeaceHealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center, Lane County Friends of the Birth Center recently sent the following letter. It expresses concern over and requests a re-evaluation of the new policy barring women from laboring at the birth center at or past 41 weeks pregnancy. 

Ms. Michele Peters-Carr, CNM
PeaceHeatlh Nurse Midwifery Birth Center
353 Deadmond Ferry Road
Springfield, OR  97477

April 12, 2012

Dear Michele:

On behalf of the Friends of the Birth Center consumer advisory group, I am writing to express concern about the new policy prohibiting pregnant women at or past 41 weeks from laboring at the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center. Since May 2011, several families have expressed their surprise and displeasure at losing access to a much-anticipated and planned-for out-of-hospital birth.

As a consumer advisory group, Friends of the Birth Center has the following specific concerns regarding the development and implementation of this new policy.
  • We have the impression that the decision-making process resulting in this change was set not by Birth Center midwives but rather for them. The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Center requires that birth centers operate as independent practices with the necessary autonomy and authority to develop evidence-based standards for care.
  • The new policy runs counter to the 42-week standard (with increased surveillance) for out-of-hospital birth set by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.
  • The Birth Center already has a thorough surveillance protocol for monitoring women at and beyond 41 weeks to identify risks making a birth center birth unwise. This protocol is consistent with evidence-based practice.
  •  The policy is not supported by the literature. All the references in the attached review confirm that risk rises with advancing gestational age. The issue that arises is not risk but rather how much risk is too much for out-of-hospital birth. The risk at 41 weeks is less than the risk of many other complications occurring in normal pregnancy.  Almost all of the referenced studies endorse expectant management with antenatal testing. This was the policy employed by the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center before May 2011.
In the more than 25 years since its inception, the Birth Center has developed a well-deserved reputation for excellence in practice. Its outcomes meet and exceed state, national and international standards and benchmarks. In light of this, we would like to encourage a re-evaluation of the current policy.

We encourage a return to a decision-making process that both respects the authority of the midwives, as providers, to oversee the development of standards of care and facilitates collaboration between them and  specialists. Such a policy would incorporate rather than override the preferences and values of pregnant women. If there is relevant new information, this can be incorporated into the decision-making and consent process already in place to support and aid women in making decisions about their care.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our concerns. We are optimistic that a review of the above items will facilitate a worthwhile discussion resulting in a satisfactory conclusion for all involved. Having the opportunity to be included would be most welcome by the Friends of the Birth Center

Katharine Gallagher, Chair 

Consumer Advisory Group Members
Maria Alisa Blum
Anna Chorlton Connelly
Katharine Gallagher
Lynn Kane

Emeritus Members
Eleanor Vandegrift
Karen Guillemin
Kathy Lynn
Renee Bailey

Kathi Levell, PHMG Executive Director, Planning
John Wire, PHMG Manager of Women's Services
Lane County Friends of the Birth Center blog (www.lanecofbc.blogspot.com)

encl: Post-date literature review

Post-date literature review
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miriam Rosenberg, CNM joins the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center

Friends of the Birth Center is pleased to welcome and introduce the Birth Center's newest staff member:

Midwife Miriam Rosenberg joined the PeaceHealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center in 2011.

Originally from Washington, DC, Miriam received her bachelor's degree in nursing and master's degree in midwifery from Oregon Health & Sciences University.  Prior to becoming a nurse-midwife, she worked as a doula at San Francisco General Hospital and at a birth center in Chiapas, Mexico.  She is fluent in Spanish. Outside of work, Miriam enjoys cooking, hiking, and pottery.

Be sure to come to the Birth Center's second annual birthday party on May 5 from 2 - 4 pm. You might have the opportunity to meet Miriam. You will definitely have the opportunity to re-connect with Birth Center midwives, lactation staff, nurses and staff and families. And, of course, to eat a Divine Cupcake treat..... See you there. 

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